In the Kentuckiana, hailstorms and hail damage are a fact of life. In the past few years, many shops have begun offering “paintless dent repair”. The idea behind the industry is a good one: rather than using a combination of heat and body fillers which always require priming and painting, a dent can simply be smoothed out from the back of the panel. The conventional repair method is costly and time consuming whereas the paintless dent repair method is relatively quick and costs about one-third less.

Hail Storm

After a hail storm, Paintless Dent Repair is an extremely important tool in preserving the appearance and value of your car after hail damage. Indiana and Kentucky are prone to hail in the Spring and Summer months. PDR can be preferable to conventional methods for a number of reasons, beyond the fact that it avoids the color-match difficulty. Painting a repaired area usually means all trim, lights, door handles, stripes, etc. must be removed. Occasionally the delicate moldings have to be replaced and almost always, the plastic clips that retain the moldings have to be replaced. Needless to say, the painting process adds substantial material and labor costs to the repair. This is evidence to resellers that your vehicle has been repaired and could lower the resale value of your auto. By eliminating the use of paint, we do away with color mismatching and help retain the vehicles value by putting your vehicle back the way it was before the hail damage.

Hail Damage Repair In Process

And there are other potential problems with significant safety consequences. Because paintless dent repair can be so profitable, people with no background in collision repair are entering the field. This becomes problematical when repairs are made on body panels whose structural integrity is important to the safety of the car, for example the roof. Reinforcing members cross a car’s roof — if a dent is located above one of these reinforcements, it may only be accessed by drilling a hole through the reinforcement. This may diminish the ability of the roof to protect the occupants in the event of a rollover. Some  new “paintless dent repair specialists” are either unaware of the consequences of their actions, or are unwilling to lose the job by turning the repair over to a shop able to do paint work. Some of these areas can still be repaired without the need for paint by using a special technique of lifting the dent from the outside but this method is even more difficult and requires an even greater degree of skill to be done correctly.

At Certified Dent Repair, we know what constitutes a safe, quality repair. If good, safe results are not obtainable using the paintless dent repair method, we can still refer you to a reliable body shop who will fix it by the conventional method. If you bring a hail-damaged car to us in the Kentuckiana areas, you can rest assured that the car you get back is as nice to look at and safe to drive as it was before the damage ever happened.

For answers to some of your questions about hail repair, check out our Hail Damage FAQs.

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