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Advanced Paintless Dent Repair Class

September 20 - September 24



This advanced paintless dent repair class prepares you with skills and repair knowledge to compete against technicians in the marketplace. Multitudes of technicians have trained under this system and are very successful. This advanced training system gives you a competitive edge in the marketplace straight from training. 2. Canon Balls Dents, Stretched Metal, and Crown Management Oversize stretched metal dents repair is the next skill set you will learn. This is the launchpad of paintless dent repair complexity. Not only will you learn, but you will do, many of these repairs. You will be confident to repair dents like an oversize softball size dent in a door or a canon ball hail shot in a roof. 50% of all dent technicians can’t or won’t perform these repairs…but you can and will! 3. Creases Dents Next is a type of dent repair that most PDR technicians fear…the crease dent.  For years, many have crashed and burned trying to perform this type of dent repair. But, I will coach you in the latest theory that conquers the dreaded crease dent. You will perform crease dent repairs on both top and side panels so you will be confident and victorious over these monster dents. 80% of all PDR techs refuse to do these dents because they don’t have the knowledge or have enough confidence…but you will have both. 4. Combination Damage Crazy dent repairs like deer hits, fallen tree damage, and shopping cart crushes are next. These are the type of repairs that some of us master craftsman are performing. These extreme dents usually are directed to the collision repair industry due to their severity. But, I will be training you to perform these dent repairs because they are very profitable retail repairs. This is the largest growth area in the paintless dent repair industry and I want you to prosper repairing them.  5. Alternative Repair Methods We wrap up your training with the alternative dent repair methods. These alternatives are primarily used when access with traditional PDR tools is limited. You will learn glue pulling dent removal, Aluminum and Steel Hotbox dent repair and metal shrinking, and surface blending using PDR blending hammer skills. These repair options will give you another advantage in repairing difficult damage in a quick and quality manner, in which most technicians are still behind the times.