Hail Damage Removal

Certified Dent Repair is the area expert in paintless hail damage removal. In the United States, hailstorms and automobile hail damage are a fact of life. Indiana and Kentucky are prone to hail in the spring, summer, and fall seasons. Collision repair centers, auto dealerships, and individuals seek our expertise to repair and remove hail damage without painting.

In the past few years, paintless dent repair has been the preferred method to remove hail damage. The idea paintless dent repair is a good one. Rather than the conventional repair process of using a combination of heat and body fillers which always require priming and painting, a dent can simply be smoothed out from the back of the panel.

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  • The conventional repair method is costly and time consuming
  •  Paintless dent repair method is relatively quick and costs about one-third less.
  • Paintless dent repair is a completely green eco-friendly process using no harmful chemicals to damage the environment.
  • Paintless dent repair is an extremely important tool in preserving the appearance and value of your car after hail damage.
  • Painting a repaired area usually means all trim, lights, door handles, stripes, etc. must be removed. Occasionally the delicate moldings have to be replaced and almost always, the plastic clips that retain the moldings have to be replaced.
  • The painting process adds substantial material and labor costs to the repair.
  • Evidence of repainting and conventional repairs to your vehicle could lower the resale value of your auto.
  • Eliminating the use of paint, we do away with color mismatching and help retain the vehicles value by putting your vehicle back the way it was before the hail damage.

If you bring a hail-damaged car to us, you can rest assured that the car you get back is as nice to look at and safe to drive as it was before the damage ever happened.

Words of Caution

So you want to know how hail damage is repaired with paintless dent repair. There are some do it yourself automotive hail damage repair methods that may work for you …but most probably won’t.  The problem with these methods is you may run into issues with damaging the paint.

Using Paintless Dent Repair to take out the hail damage dents is the preferred method recommended by the vehicle manufacturers and the insurance companies. First off you can see underneath the hood that there is a bigger dent that is out in the open.

We’ve got a special PDR tool with special tips on it that we use to get on the underside of the panel and then we will likely just push up the metal. This method of paintless dent repair you could try to do-it-yourself  but if you don’t have any experience with it could be difficult because of the hand-eye coordination that is needed.

We use our special PDR lights to know exactly where we are pushing the dent from underneath and we make the several small little tiny pushes pushing up every little spot. Some people have come to me and said they tried the DIY hail damage removal methods themselves and they have just caused further damage. This DIY repair may not be able to be repaired with professional paintless hail damage removal methods.

What happens is if you get in there and you push on the dent and you think you just gonna pump it out you actually bust the paint by pushing too hard. Also, you can make little marks in the paint or in the metal from pushing too much.  If you try the DIY Hail Removal Method and it just didn’t work out for you, we may be able to repair it afterwards.

The bottom line is that Certified Dent Repair is your source for Hail Damage Rem0val. Give us a call for your free estimate and to schedule your repair today. Call us at 502-345-0708.

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