Paintless Collision Restoration

Paintless collision restoration is a repair that qualifies to be repaired conventionally. Due to the several factors, the repair can be restored back to original condition using paintless dent repair methods. This serious damage can only be restored by the top 1%, Master Craftsmen level technicians in the paintless dent repair industry.

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Paintless Collision Restoration Advantages

The process of paintless collision restoration (PCR) is now possible due to technical innovation and metal theory advancement in the paintless dent repair industry. This provides customers with an alternative to traditional conventional collision repair with certain repairs. PCR as an alternative has the following advantages:

  • Accelerated repair competition time compared to conventional repairs.
  • Significant cost savings of hundreds instead of thousands of dollars.
  • Avoidance of an insurance claim preventing increased premiums.
  • Convenient because vehicle is typically restored in less than a day.
  • Retains vehicle value by keeping original factory finish intact.

Certified Dent Repair Experts

Certified Dent Repair technicians are the area experts at paintless collision restoration. In the paintless dent repair industry, professionals able to perform these repairs are the masters of the master craftsmen. To accomplish these restorations, a technician must have years of PDR difficult repair experience along with costly, highly advanced tools. Certified Dent Repair technicians perform these repairs on a regular basis and have industry certification to reinforce their expertise.

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Does My Vehicle Qualify For Paintless Collision Restoration?

Because paintless collision restoration (PCR) repairs have a very specific threshold and conditions, the judgement to repair via PCR or forwarded to conventional repair methods must be done in person by a seasoned technician. Yes, it takes more time and is inconvenient to have your vehicle looked at in person. But, the cost savings alone should be an incentive to make sure your vehicle damage qualifies for PCR. Certified Dent Repair should be your first step in the process to determining if your vehicle damage qualifies for this unique repair service. To get a free assessment of damage…Call Today!

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