Paintless Dent Repair Training

Certified Paintless Dent Repair Training is a school for paintless dent repair, hail damage removal, and paintless collision repair. We offers intensive courses to equip students to become master craftsmen in the art of paintless dent repair. By using state of the art methods, equipment, and training aids, the learning curve is greatly reduced. Students learn to repair dents and damage that average technicians pass on.

  • Paintless Dent Repair
  • Hail Damage Restoration
  • Paintless Colision Repair
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Comprehensive Instruction

Certified Paintless Dent Repair Training uses state of the art tools, equipment, and industry leading paintless dent repair theories. These provide the best methods for learning paintless dent repair.

  • Comprehensive training focused on the foundation four aspects of paintless dent repair.
  • Cutting edge skills development through updated PDR theory
  • Accelerated learning curve through using premium tools and equipment.
  • Proven success through an innovative training system

Industry Leading Training Programs

Certified Dent Repair Training develops the industry top paintless dent repair technicians. We provide training programs to assist paintless dent repair technicians achieve as they progress along their career path. Whatever your needs are, we have the PDR training program to achieve your goals.

  • Comprehensive Core Paintless Dent Repair Class
  • Advanced Paintless Collision Repair Masters Class
  • Hail Operations Training Seminar
  • Dealership / Body Shop In-House Technician Program
  • Manufacturing Line-Technician Program
  • GAP Training Program

Small Group Instruction

  • 4 students class maximun
  • Diffuse the frustration of learning PDR through small group dynamics
  • Build lifetime dent network connection with other students
  • Class cost saving shared through learning in small group format

Individualized Hands-On Training

  • Individualized attention for maximum attention and fast learning.
  • Impartation of essential knowledge communicated thru hands-on instruction
  • Over the shoulder skill development coaching.
  • Avoid bad PDR habits by one on one direct skills instruction.

Expert Marketing & Customer Service Instruction

  • Tailored instruction to convey industry marketing knowledge
  • Methods for competing in the current marketplace
  • Focused plans for gaining and keeping customer

Post Training Support Program

  • Lifetime class guarantee
  • Lifetime certification testing
  • Lifetime alumni support communications
  • Exclusive access to real-time industry advancements
  • Membership in Certified Dent Repair Training Alumni Facebook group.
  • Exclusive 5 hours of post training phone consultation.

Training Guarantee

FREE LIFETIME REFRESHER CLASS GUARANTEE. We are committed to the students success. The primary means to show our commitment is the ability return for refresher classes. We know that life events can hinder progress in becoming a PDR professional. When class is offered and space is available, students are welcome to return as many times as needed.

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Learn From A Master Instructor

Excellent paintless dent repair training takes a seasoned PDR master craftsman & master instructor. Rob McDowell, the PDR Professor, is an industry recognized PDR master instructor. He will train, coach, and mentor you in the art of paintless dent repair & removal.



  • Master Paintless Dent Repair Instructor Since 2001
  • Mercedes Factory PDR Instructor
  • 35+ Years Golf Instructor
  • US Army Master Gunnery Instructor
  • 10+ Years Corporate Trainer
  • 25+ Years Public Speaker
  • Father of 8 Children

Paintless Dent Repair

  • PDR Master Craftsman
  • Vale Certified Master Craftsman
  • PDR Nation Certified Technician
  • Advisory Board Member for PDR Nation
  • NADA 20 Group Consultant
  • Sherwin Williams Automotive Paint 20 Group Consultant
  • SMART Total Recon Group Consultant
  • Member and Consultant for International Detailers Association.
  • Member National Association of Paintless Dent Repair Technicians