As a Business Owner, Are You Trying to Figure out Your Next Steps?

We will guide you through each step to build your PDR business correctly.

Dent Money: Maximizing PDR Business Profitability

Dent Money is the paintless dent repair business program that maximizes  business profitability through optimizing marketing, management, and technician system processes.

Has any of these things happened to you with your PDR business?

  • Felt competing on price was the only option
  • Put all your eggs in one basket and then got burnt.
  • Had a technician quit and take half your business.
  • Tried to grow your business but then lost a lot of money.
  • Trying to run your business but it really runs you.
  • Growth of business now seems out of your control.
  • Stuck in a business rut and you don’t know what step to take next.
In the PDR business, we have all experienced some, if not all, of these situations and they rob business profitability. That is why this program was developed to help you overcome these issues that confront you and maximize your profitability.

The Dent Money Program:

  • Core Business Knowledge
  • Customized Plan For Success
  • Plan Implementation Encouragement
The Dent Money program focuses on the core of business knowledge principles that universally guides all successful businesses. The power of the program is your honesty to evaluate where you are and understand why you are in business. Taking that knowledge and applying it to the core business areas will sharpen your business acumen.

Focus on Core Business Knowledge

  • Leadership
  • Business Brand
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Customer Service
  • Sales
  • Marketing
The plan is the next component of the Dent Money Program. You can have all the business knowledge and acumen but it is useless unless there is a plan. Knowledge does not translate to actions without a plan. A customized plan is tailored to your specific business. A systematized plan ensures that all the insight gained from the knowledge part of the program is integrated for success.
Action is the hardest step. The reality of real life action steps get messy and that is the exciting part. Growing pains and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. What started as a problem of lost profitability in your business has turned into a fine tuned maximized profit producing machine. Taking action steps is the goal and we are here to help you. A coaching system is in place to help you be accountable to the action steps you defined in the customized plan crafted for your success.

Clint Robertson, PDRU Graduate

“Rob was instrumental in me learning PDR and adding it to my existing window tint business. This helped me to retire from the sheriffs department and take my next career step .”

Kyle Miller, PDRU Graduate

“Paintless dent repair is the most difficult automotive repair process I have ever performed.  Rob helped me learn this awesome repair craft and look forward to my PDR career.

Rob Krzynowek, PDRU Graduate

“Rob enabled me to move from being a body shop technician to full time PDR technician. It took a bit of convincing but once I pulled the trigger, I was all in on moving to my new career.

Learn From The Guy That Wrote The Book!

Rob McDowell, author of Fundamentals of Paintless Dent Repair, is the instructor here at the Paintless Dent Repair University. His book on paintless dent repair is the industry guide on paintless dent repair theory, skills development, business operations, and industry understanding. He has trained a multitude of technicians in the manufacturing, collision repair, dealership, and retail environments. His insight of the path to paintless career success is invaluable.