PDR Training FAQs

PDR training FAQs (frequently asked questions). These are the common questions about paintless dent repair process, paintless dent repair training, and specifics about the Paintless Dent Repair University training offerings.

The cost of get started depends on the quality level of training, tools, travel expenses. There is not an industry standard paintless dent repair training cost. It really depends on what you want to achieve with paintless dent repair skills and how fast you desire to achieve a certain skill level. The adage “You get what you pay for.” is very appropriate for learning paintless dent repair. A more detailed explanation is outlined in the PDR Professor’s blog post  “how to chose dent repair training.” The factors you need to consider are: 

  1. High Quality PDR Industry Respected Trainer.
  2. PDR Industry Manufactured Quality Dent Repair Tools.
  3. Travel Expenses.
  4. Hotel/Meal Expenses.

Yes, because paintless dent repair is a high end craft that takes time and effort to perfect. it takes determination to invest the time and perseverance to become a master at this art form. But, Anyone can learn paintless dent repair!

Anyone! Over the years we have seen men and women from all ages and backgrounds. The oldest PDR professional we know is a 70-year-old gentleman with no intentions of retiring anytime soon! The deciding factors are:

  1. Correctable Eyesight
  2. Physically Fit and Good Flexibility.
  3. A Persevering  and  Determinative Attitude
  4. Willing To Follow Instruction

DVD or Video Training is fine for a supplement to Hands-On training but is not a substitute. Due to this medium being two dimensional, it has limitations. It will take much longer to become a professional due to the lengthy time and learning curve of this avenue of instruction.

A training mill is a training organization that instructs the masses. Like the superstore concept, they usually charge the lowest prices and have largest selection of reconditioning courses offered. But that method has its drawbacks. They do not use industry experts, the hands-on training is limited, students are just a number or product, and after class support is limited or non-existent. The failure rate is very high and few students become industry professionals.

We are different in the following aspects:

  1. We are a paintless dent repair industry respected school.
  2. Limited Class Size (4 Students Maximum)
  3. Hands-On Mentor Directed Learning Environment
  4. Cutting edge paintless dent repair industry techniques
  5. Included After Training Alumni Care Program

Two weeks. That is the minimum I feel comfortable that a student has achieved skills proficiency to make retail quality repairs. The reason is that paintless dent repair skills development take at least two weeks for your body to be comfortable with all the processes. PDR body movements are unnatural and take time and a number of repetitions to connect all the synapses from the brain to body muscles.

Because most of our students have current employment and plan their training with vacation days, our PDR Training can be taken at week segments. Come for a week and then do the other week in the near future to complete the Comprehensive Core Dent Repair Class.

Classes and testing are conducted in our state of the art facility near Louisville, Kentucky. We prefer our facility to keep the training environment controlled to enhance learning. At times, we will train on location for individuals or groups. The pricing is customized and call 502-513-4639 for a quote.

As an alumni benefit, the student is entitled to lifetime refresher training free of charge. As space is available, the student is welcome to attend as often as desired. We are committed to our students learning and developing the art of paintless dent repair.

The Certified Dent Repair Training offers Technician Level paintless dent repair certification awarded at the completion on class. We offer free certification upgrade testing once a year. Details can be requested with certification standards and achievement levels.

Our average student is ready to take on door dings and small dents usually right after the Comprehensive Core Dent Repair Course. Due to the learning curve developing the “feel” of tool pressures, it can require 1-2 weeks additional practice at home before they are ready to take on the world. Due to the variety of damage, it may take an student more than a year to experience and develop mastery of paintless dent repair. As a partner in your development, we have included a technician hotline resource as an alumni benefit.

4 students maximun. We like to keep sudent to instruction ration small to maximize the instructor/student interaction.