We Equip You For Lifetime PDR Success.

We equip you to be a highly successful paintless dent repair professional.


Your Desire To Learn Paintless Dent Repair

We help those desiring to learn the difficult skill of paintless dent repair by using our proven over the shoulder training system to become professionals performing excellent customer repairs. Your desire may be to:
- Upgrade Your Work Conditions.
- Have More Economic Freedom.
- Become More Financially Secure.
- Enjoy More Time With Your Family.

Why So Difficult To Perform?

It's a fact that paintless dent repair is difficult to learn and master. This is illustrated by an enormous amount of PDR training material but only a few quality technicians performing the skill. The reasons are:
- the skills are anti-natural body movement.
- the skills use underdeveloped muscle groups.
- the skills require extreme body leverage to remove damage.
- the body natural tendencies fight against PDR movements.
- the skills can only be learned 3 dimensional hands-on demonstrated.

Our Proven Training Program

A multitude of students have come thru our proven training program and are very successful professional technicians. This program provides success by:
- Proper Paintless Repair Theory, Skills, Equipment, and Industry Business Knowledge.
- Hands-On, Over Shoulder, Skill Development Instruction.
- PDR Specific Muscle Movement and Development Coaching.
- Performing Actual Dent Repairs During Training.
- Achievement of Paintless Dent Repair Certification
- Providing After Training Continuing Education & Support

You Perform Customer Repairs After Training!

Immediately after training you will be a professional paintless dent repair technician successfully repairing customer cars! Some examples of repairs you will perform are:
- Door Dents Repaired Caused By Shopping Carts.
- Hail Damage Removal Caused By Hail Storms.
- Stretched Dents Caused By Softball Sized Objects.
- Velocity Dents Caused By Objects Like Golf Balls.
- Combination Damage Repair Like Deer Hits or Tree Damage.
- Paintless Collision Damage Due To Minor Fender Bender Accidents.