13 PDR Tools Used For Most Repairs

I asked myself over 20 years ago when learning paintless dent repair,”What PDR Tools do I actually need?” Since becoming a PDR trainer over 18 years ago, I am asked the same question often by those wanting to learn the trade. How are you supposed to know what tools you need. So, I put the question to myself now that I have all these years of experience. These are the tools that you need to repair 80% of the common PDR repairs that you will encounter in the real world. The other 20% of repairs is why you need all the other tools offered in typical tool sets. These are the PDR tools that you would order and have overnighted if they came up missing or broke.

I used tools from quality PDR vendors found here on the PDR Tools Page. The tools and vendors are listed below.

  • LED Light -Elimident James Lee 20 Inch Signature 6 Strip Light
  • A-1 – Mini Lifter
  • A-1  – Ultra Light Slide Hammer
  • A-1 – 17 inch Ratchet Handle Hook Tool
  • A-1 – 8 inch Left Handed Straight Shaft Hand Tool
  • A-1 – 8 inch Right Handed Straight Shaft Hand Tool
  • A-1 – 12 inch Left Handed Brace Tool
  • A-1 – 12 inch Right Handed Brace Tool
  • Dentcraft – 10 inch Whale Tale
  • Dentcraft – 20 inch Whale Tale
  • PDR Finesse #51 Super Sharp Rod
  • PDR Finesse #08 Super Sharp Rod
  • A-1 24 inch Double Bend Rod
  • A-1 25 inch Single Bend Rod
  • A-1 34 inch Double Bend Rod
  • Blehm 22 inch Adjustable Handle Flag Tool